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Welcome to"Pavić"

"Pavić" is a Serbian Company with manufacturing facilitiestationed in Valjevo.
Our representative in France

From the basic, till automated components, as well as specific components on customer request, "Pavic" offering innovative solutions, of course, the best quality and the best prices.
We are using our technical expertise, to develop products, that are better in terms of performance and quality, than the products of our competitors. When it comes to performance and quality, we have set ambitious goals, that we have always motivate and improve..

Recommend: Laser Cutting

As an advantage of our latest production recommend laser cutting of metal in which the laser cutting technology allows unlimited breadth of material (Fe, RF, Al) of varying thickness (up to 18 mm) with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. Laser cutting is much more than a replacement for conventional procedures such as sawing, drilling or punching finally. Laser cutting can significantly reduce production costs and avoid unnecessary storage between individual stages. No less important, are no longer needed or additional work, such as cleaning products. In addition, the selection of a particular process of laser cutting, often reduces the number of components.
We have a laser cutting of materials BYSTRONIC, Type Bystar 3015-3, 2.8 KW.